An 11 year old Red Setter had a rapidly worsening cough which was aggravated by cold air when they first went outside.  Dulcamara 30c was prescribed and an immediate improvement was seen.   However this was not the cure since the dog needed a daily dose to maintain the relief but the improvement greatly improved the dogs life at that time.

A 6 year old Labrador had a history of itching every Monday during the summer.   All of the symptoms pointed towards sulphur but on further questioning it transpired that the owner always mowed the lawn on a Sunday and the the dog enjoyed sitting in the freshly mown grass.   The dog was given a drop of liquid remedy added to his bowl of water.  The remedy was prepared from the actual grass mowings and the condition immediately resolved.

A 2 year old Labrador had been suffering from a severe neck pain for eight weeks, ever since an operation to remove an old roofing batten which he had eaten.  Since the dog was noticeably worse from midnight to 2am, it was given arsenicum alb 30c, one dose for three days.  The dog improved 20 minutes after taking the first tablet.   As it transpired, some old roofing battens used to be coated in an arsenical compound, the homeopathic remedy had been spot on.

A 6 year old male Jack Russell Terrier had been lame for almost a month.  The stifle joint in that leg had been found to be very loose, painful and noisy on movement.  Rest had been advised for three weeks.  The pain was causing a great deal of depression and he was not able to move around much at all.   A mix of arnica, rhus tox and ruta 30c was given twice daily for 10 days.  Great improvement was seen, not only in the leg but also in the personality and general health of the terrier.  After another month the improvement had reached a plateau and so a higher potency of the same remedy was given and improvement continued.

(Arnica, rhus tox and ruta is a mix made by Helios and is really good for joints and muscles).  I don’t use many mixes but this one is a great remedy for animals and humans alike!

Vienna was an English Pointer, very regal in her statue and aloof in her personality.  She was becoming very agitated when her dad went away occasionally as he had to do for work.  If the phone rang she would tremble, she was morose.   She was given ignatia 200c the day before and the day of departure for the next visit away and she was much less affected by the disappearance of her dad that time.  The remedy was repeated on the next occasion and again she was much happier about everything.

An 8 year old male Cocker Spaniel was showing signs of progressive disease.  With itchy skin, epistaxis, pain in his hind quarters and then started to become lethargic, overweight and with more skin problems.  He had lost his sparkle.  He had had tests which produced nothing.  On further questioning it transpired that he had lost his companion a year before and his symptoms had begun soon after that.  He was given ignatia 30c twice daily for one week and started to improve in mood and appearance.