How to give your homeopathic remedies to your dog

How to prescribe.
If you buy a first aid kit for dogs, your remedies come in 30c potency and in size 6 pilules.
The pilules are sucrose balls which are soaked in the remedy.

The pilule needs to be inserted into the dog's mouth at the side - where they have a natural pouch.  It needs to make contact with the inside cheeks to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream.  Ideally it should stay in the mouth for 5 seconds or more.

Some dogs will readily eat the pilules, it is not the end of the world if it goes into the digestive system.  It will still work.

If it is not possible to get the pilule to stay in the mouth for 5 seconds or more - try crushing the pilule with the back of a spoon and rub the powder on the inside of the cheeks to be absorbed.   If this method fails, you can stir the powder into the dogs water bowl.  As long as he has a few sips a day, he will have enough of the remedy for it to work.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Only give one remedy at a time.  If you have two different remedies to give your dog, if possible i give them at different times of day.

If you are buying the remedies individually, you can select to buy the liquid format which can then be dropped into the mouth or onto the inside of the cheek, if you can do this sideways, or directly into the water bowl.

Other animals
It doesn't matter if your dog shares it's water bowl with other dogs or with other animals.  The remedy only has effect if the body needs it.  It will not have any effect on other animals that dont need it (providing you don't massively over prescribe).  One drop is one dose.  Dogs (or cats or humans, or elephants) only need one drop at a time.

(If you purchase your homeopathic remedy from a store and the instructions say give 2 or 3 drops or pilules, ignore it.  If it is a homeopathic remedy - one dose at a time is sufficient).

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