Natural Remedies for Parasites

Do you ever wonder why some dogs will pick up more parasites than others?

If you (or your dog) are susceptible to parasite infestation then you need to consider a general 'pick me up' to improve your general health.  If we can optimise your general health, you will be more resistant to parasites.  First of all we need to consider whether the essential requirements for health are being fulfilled.   These are the correct diet for your dog, exercise and stimulation, shelter free from draughts.

Homeopathically, we should now consider a constitutional remedy which will improve the general health of our dogs.   To learn more about constitutional remedies please see our homeopathic courses.

Other additives can be added to you dogs diet such as garlic has always been used to dissuade fleas from taking up residence.  Remember prevention is better than cure.

Here are some homeopathic remedies you ought to consider if you have an infestation.

Worms, Fleas & Parasites

If your dog is itchy or sore because of parasites, fleas or bites then these remedies are worth considering:

Staphysagria: Fleas or lice, dandruff, flaky skin.  Itching might keep changing to different places. Hair might fall off in patches, itchy, thick dry scabs. Staphysagria is a useful remedy for those dogs who are bullied by others.

Granatum: Tapeworm, itching nose, ravenous hunger or constant hunger or complete loss of appetite,  griping colic, itching anus,

Sulphur: Scabies, itching, dry, scaly, unhealthy skin,, intense itching worse for heat.

Cina: Round Worms & pin worms.  Extreme sensitivity of skin and hair.  twitching and jerking of limbs or pulsation of muscles.  Itching of anus.   Hunger with emaciation.  Vomiting or diarrhoea after eating.  Maybe irritable or bad tempered.

Abrotanum: Worms, failure to thrive, alternating constipation and diarrhoea, food passes undigested, malnutrition, indigestion with vomiting, may have a fever.  Big appetite or loss of appetite.  May appear rheumatic.

For more about how to prescribe homeopathy please take a look at our other blogs and the courses we offer for dog owners.

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