16 Top First Aid Homeopathy Remedies

Here are some of my favourite Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs.

You can treat your own animals with homeopathy to help alleviate fears, anxieties, physical symptoms.  You can help optimise your dog's health with natural homeopathic medicines.

Here are my TOP 16 Remedies.

The homeopathic kits provide remedies in 30c - this is a good potency to buy to have in your cupboard for emergencies.   Only give one pillule.  Repeat after an hour if required.

Most remedies are given when symptoms occur but there are a few exceptions.  Give the right remedy before the event - if your dog is scared or nervous of something which you know is about to happen or if you are going to leave them and you know they will get upset by your departure.

For any symptom that is older than a month or a recurring symptom you should seek advice from a professional so that the cause of the issue can be treated.  Self prescribing is suitable for first aid situations.  It is not instead of the vet - If your dog needs emergency treatment then go to your vet immediately.

For more information about giving homeopathic remedies please see our courses

Fear, trauma, shock - anything with a sudden onset.  This is a great remedy if anything happens that scares your dog.

Apis Mel
Stings, blister, allergies, puffy, red sore, swelling, hives - worse for touch. Might itch because of the swelling.  A brilliant remedy for red swelling as a reaction to something.

Injury and trauma, bruising, shock, pain.  Use arnica after any knocks or bangs.  Use arnica if your dog goes off to a quiet corner and doesn't want attention after an incident.  Use arnica before and after surgery or medical procedures with calendula - it really helps with recovery.

Aggression without provocation or warning. Indiscriminate rages. Anything bright red, throbbing, hot, fever.

Calc Carb
Aggravated by motion, slow, greedy obstinate, coughs and colds, dry skin, spots, flaky skin, dull coat.

Healing for any open wounds or skin abrasions. Useful after surgery - heals from within.

Carbo veg
Flatulence, weakness, sluggish digestive system,

Any eye injury or runny, sore eyes

Hepar sulph
Infection with smelly pus, worse for cold

Grief, loss, hates being left, cries a lot when you leave.   A great remedy if you are leaving your dog for any length of time and you know they will create!

Merc sol
Teeth problems, sore throat, swollen glands, there may be bright green pus. Spongy gums, foul odour in the mouth.

Nux vomica
Over indulgence (indiscriminate eating), vomiting and diarrhoea, worse after eating, wind and constipation. Nervous, snappy, quarrelsome. Can be very vocal. Can become aggressive, destructive and argumentative.

Fears - highly strung, scared of fireworks, the dark, thunder or other loud noise. excitable, full of energy, can be hyperactive, destructive from frustration.

Won’t leave your side, needs to be close, craves attention, dislikes being left. Wraps itself around you for reassurance.  Hates being left, pulsatilla is useful for clingy dogs.

Rhus Tox
Sprains and strains of muscles and joints, pain better for movement.  Rhus tox is also a really good remedy for allergic skin reactions.

Skin issues, parasites, untidy looking, doesn’t like water, spots, sores, skin allergies, itchy, wet or dry, aggravated by heat. Loves to scratch, red, burning sores.  Sulphur should be considered for any recurring skin conditions or just general dull coat or susceptible to picking up fleas.

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