Which Remedy? How do you Choose for your Dog?

How can we know which remedy to give our dogs?

With humans, it is fairly easy to ask ourselves, what are we feeling, what are we thinking, what do we really think is the problem here? With our animals it is a little different. Or is it?

Most dog owners will agree that they know when something is not right with their dog.  They know if something is different even if they are not sure what it is.  As an owner you also know what is normal for your dog.  You know how she can manipulate you but doesn’t ever try it on with your partner, or you know that he might be aggressive with the postman but soft as anything with Auntie Molly. You know how he will react with the neighbours dog Buster as you walk past and you know that he likes to have a bit of gravy with his food and 3 treats before you leave him and always remember to close the curtains when the scouts go past on a Thursday night because their high pitched screeching really winds her up.

These examples will be different for each of your animals, and each peculiarity is important and noteworthy when it comes to homeopathy. This is what makes your dog individual and special. Your interpretation of your dog's personality or ‘canineality' will be one of the deciding factors when choosing your homeopathic remedy.

To find the right remedy your first need to know what is normal for your dog.  You need to know their individual likes and dislikes, how they behave on a normal day.

You then need to look at physical symptoms and emotional symptoms, that is, are they behaving differently?

The information you need to prescribe is:

1. Learn to notice - each individual peculiarity is important.

2. Every symptom is related - bring into consideration the dog as a whole - not just one symptom.   Look at physical and emotional symptoms.   

3.  Look at  the details of the symptoms. 

  • What makes the symptoms better and what makes the symptoms worse?
  • What time of day are they better or worse?
  • Are the symptoms worse inside in the warm or outside?
  • Are the symptoms worse after eating or after exercise or during the night?
  • Has your dog had these symptoms before or are they new?

Once you have all of this information you are ready to start looking for the right remedy.  The right remedy is the remedy that  has a picture that is most similar to most of the symptoms you have collected.  The more information you have, the better chance you have of finding the right remedy.   Look at some case studies

The correct homeopathic remedy is capable of resetting the self healing mechanism because it has the right vibrational energy to reboot your system.   If symptoms return, check that the fundamental resources are being provided. 

Fundamental Resources required for good health.

  • The correct diet that provides all of the energy required in each cell of the body.
  • The correct stimulation and exercise to keep all of the joints and muscles in optimum condition
  • The correct environment providing shelter, clean air and away from chemical interference.


  • Homeopathy doesn't relieve your pain, it goes to the cause of your pain and helps rebalance the body for long term improvement in health .
  • The physical symptoms you experience, are a way for your body to tell you something is wrong. They could be considered as a message from your body, bringing to your attention that something is amiss.
  • Homeopathy looks at addressing the course of the problem. This means that the healing is long term and begins from deep within. You will firstly see that your dog has more energy, then they may begin to react slightly differently to events during the day and then you realise the physical symptoms are diminishing.
  • When you address the cause of the symptom, you are stimulating your dog’s energy, their vitality, their spirit, driving force, healing energy, whatever you wish to call it. In order to begin healing they will need a little more energy and this is what you will notice first. After giving a remedy, the body perks up a little, then you notice things begin to get better.
  • If you take a homeopathic remedy you may feel something deep down change, you might feel an energy change, you might feel a shift, it might happen within minutes or hours or over days or weeks. Each remedy is different and more importantly, each person or animal is different. This is personalised medicine, individual treatment for each and every one of us.
  • You can only treat your own animals, you are not permitted by law to recommend medication to other people’s animals, only vets can do that in the UK.

Learn more about treating your dog.

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