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In order to find out more about homeopathy and how it can help you, I offer a free of charge, no obligation, skype consultation so that we can meet, discuss your situation and hopefully be able to explain what you might expect from a course of homeopathic consultations.

You are then much better informed as to whether or not you wish to use homeopathy in your quest to help re-establish better health.

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A few words from people who have used homeopathy to improve their health.

“I unfortunately have 2 autoimmune disorders and lots of drug induced problems – I have had to spend the last 23 years of my 35 years of life receiving conventional medical treatments – many of which are harsh physically and psychologically. When I first went to Mary I was very poorly – I had no energy, was miserable with my situation and petrified about what the future would hold. I knew very little about homeopathy but I went along with an open mind.  I am a total convert and where possible when new problems arise I choose to seek Mary’s, ‘side effect free,’ help rather than more conventional medication.  I trust and know that Mary would tell me if and when I also need additional conventional medication  – nothing she would do would put my health or well-being in jeopardy.

Since starting homeopathy, just a mere two months ago, I am coming on physically and psychologically leaps and bounds. I am amazed at how much energy those little remedy pills give me and how my body is starting to heal itself.   My confidence is growing expedentially and I am starting to drive again after nearly three years without a car.  I am no longer in chains because of illness. People who haven’t seen me for several weeks keep saying in amazement at how well I am looking (including my GP) and I am certain that is because of the homeopathy. Yes, I am still on the healing path and haven’t arrived at the end destination yet but I would say to anybody give homeopathy a try, be opened minded and give your body the nudge it needs to help itself to heal.

I think Mary is a very compassionate and talented person. She really has a grasp of me and my situation which is  essential when it comes to the success of the homeopathy. She is really good at making herself available and I know that she is fully committed to working in partnership with me – I can’t praise her highly enough”!
LC Cornwall July 2016

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