Natural Medicine for Dogs

Natural Medicine


Homeopathy is a Natural Medicine

Homeopathy offers you a choice in medicine for your dogs.  Working alongside conventional and other types of medication, homeopathy can be used to help improve the health of all of your animals as well as yourself and your family.

Suitable for all ages from conception through to old age, and all animals from mice to elephants, it is a safe form of medicine for all.  It can be used for long standing chronic illness as well as helping a speedy recovery from surgery or infections or trauma.  Homeopathy also works well at helping reduce the side effects of conventional medicines.

Having A Choice

The Choice is Yours

No-one knows your animals as well as you do, and you know how important it is to have a choice when it comes to the treatment of your dogs.

Homeopathy provides an extra dimension to health and wellbeing.  It isn't instead of the Veterinary surgery, it is as well as. It can help treat much more than physical symptoms.

The courses we offer teach you about not only how to optimise the health of your animals, it teaches you about reading the signals, it teaches you about what your dogs need to be healthy and it teaches you about the emotional side of health as well as the physical side..



Treat your own Dogs.

Our courses give you the information you need to begin to treat your own animals using homeopathic remedies.  It will show you where to find more resources and where to buy remedies, how to prescribe and when to prescribe.

You can learn how to use homeopathy at home with your dogs.  You can learn how to optimise the health of your dogs. You will see how happy and healthy your dogs can be!

You will learn how to improve the general wellbeing of your animals as well as treat individual symptoms.  You will learn more about natural health and you will learn to understand a little more about your dogs and what their symptoms really mean.



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