Meet Mary

Mary Greensmith practices as a homeopath.  Mary is an experienced practitioner helping people around the UK and further afield.

Mary studied Classical Homeopathy for 4 years at The South West School Of Homeopathic Medicine and is registered with the Society of Homeopaths working to their strict code of ethics and best practice levels.

"Homeopathy  was always useful for my animals on my farm. I have seen some amazing results over the years for not only the family but also the cows, sheep, pigs and horses.

As a natural medicine, without side effects and without causing resistance in bacteria, it always seemed a sensible choice for my family and my animals.  I love the fact that it makes you much more aware of your own health, and encourages you to listen more intently to what your body is actually telling you".

Mary finds that homeopathy provides an extra dimension to health and wellbeing.  It isn't instead of the Dr's surgery, or the vets for your animals, it is as well as. Homeopathy can help with so much more than physical symptoms.  With your animals you can lesson anxiety, help improve resistance to parasites, reduce fears, decrease separation anxiety and much more.

By developing self learn courses for you to find out how to look after your own animals means that homeopathy can be much more widely available throughout the world.  This means happier, healthy pets!