What is Homeopathy



Homeopathy is a natural medicine which encourages your body to heal itself. The medicine your choose for your dog will encourage your own self healing mechanism to begin healing from within.  It will be chosen to help treat the cause of the symptoms.

Homeopathy doesn't just relieve pain, it addresses the causes of the pain and helps rebalance the body for long term improvement in health .  The physical symptoms your dog experiences are a way for your body to tell you something is wrong. They could be considered as a message from your body, bringing to your attention that something is amiss.


Homeopathy looks at addressing the course of the problem. This means that the healing is long term and begins from deep within you. You will often see more energy as the first indication of change, you will then see the physical symptoms will have begun to diminish. Homeopathy gives you the opportunity of rebalancing the body for long term health and well being.




Personalised Treatment
A homeopathic remedy is a medicine that is matched to each individual and their symptoms.  It would be quite usual for a homeopath to treat 5 patients with fatigue with five different medicines.   Each patient will be treated individually. For you treating your dogs you are not just looking to relieve the symptoms, you are looking at restoring health of the whole person.





Homeopathy is a complementary natural medicine that doesn't give side effects. Homeopathic medicines help stimulate your body to begin the healing process.  Everybody is individual and unique and therefore the healing process will be different for each of us.





  • Homeopathy is a holistic medicine with treatment being tailored for each individual. Acting as a catalyst to encourage your body to rebalance, homeopathy works with your body to help return you to full health.
  • Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances and have been used around the world for more than 200 years.Homeopathy is the second most popular form of medicine in the world after chinese medicine.
  • Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that works well with conventional medicine and will not interfere with any prescriptions you are currently taking.
  • You will not be asked to stop taking your usual medication.  Homeopathy can also help recovery from surgery or other invasive treatments you may be undertaking.  Please ask for details.
  • Homeopathy can be used from conception through childhood into adulthood and on to palliative care during your last few months of life.
  • Homeopathy is a natural medicine that is individual to you and works with your body helping restore balance to both your mind and body.