Natural Medicine For Dogs

Homeopathy has been used for many years on both people and animals as a complementary natural health option.

As a holistic medicine, homeopathy works by kick starting the self healing mechanism that would normally be capable of healing under normal circumstances.  By addressing the cause of the issue, rather than the symptom itself, homeopathy (and all holistic therapies) treat the whole body, thats every symptom experienced now and in the past, as part of the picture that has been indicating that something is amiss and something needs to change.

When you cut yourself - your body knows how to heal itself. In normal circumstances it takes 2 or 3 days for the cut to heal and a week or so before the healing is completed and you can hardly see where the cut was. This all happens without you having to think about it. When you break a bone, it will heal itself. It is important to make sure the bone is set correctly, and that it is set quite quickly, because your body won't wait around, it begins the healing process immediately.

Your body regenerates - completely - every four months.

Your liver takes 6 weeks, the old cells die off and new ones develop,
Your skin takes 4 weeks to re-create,
Your bones take three and a half months - this means that every new season you are a completely new person. And it is the same for your dog. We have the opportunity to change the new growth if we can change the pattern that the new cells are following.

When your self healing mechanism is knocked off balance, it sometimes cannot heal itself. Homeopathy is really useful at adjusting the balance so that self healing can begin again.

Homeopathy can also promote healing from within and so is useful for first aid applications as well as optimising health to make you less susceptible to illness and disease.

Homeopathy is useful for:

  • first aid applications
  • ear infections
  • runny eyes/sore eyes
  • diarrhoea or constipation
  • colic
  • vomiting
  • kennel cough
  • allergies
  • ear mites
  • skin problems
  • healing after medical procedures
  • reducing anxiety
  • helping to overcome fears
  • cope with grief
  • reducing separation anxiety
  • resetting behaviour disturbances

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