Grief and Depression

Grief is a natural reaction that your dog may experience in the same way as we can after  the loss of an owner, another dog or cat or their home.  Dogs can suffer just as we do, it is unfortunate they just cannot talk to us about their loss.   Homeopathy offers help for grief and depression.  It can help take away the sadness experienced by the dog and help them move forward to begin enjoying their life again.

Occasionally symptoms of depression may be seen following a trauma or a loss.  Symptoms of lethargy, social withdrawal, lack of concentration, poor sleep, loss of appetite are mistaken for other disorders.  Depression is a treatable illness and homeopathic remedies can treat both chronic and acute depression.

Like all natural therapies, homeopathy takes a holistic approach. That is, they look at the whole picture. Mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked. They work in synchronicity with one another, and if one area is out of balance, then there will be a knock-on effect on other areas. For example, physical pain or disability can lead to anxiety, low mood and depression. Equally, feeling stressed, anxious or low can make us physically ill. So it makes sense that all areas of mind, body and spirit must be brought back into balance for a person to truly heal.

Well known homeopathic remedies for grief and depression

Ignatia: remedy for recent bereavement or grief.  A good remedy for dogs who get anxious when you leave them (see also pulsatilla and phosphorus).

Nat mur: For dogs who have experienced a loss or trauma who are shutting down, becoming lethargic, stopping eating. Might become bad tempered and intolerant.

Sepia:  Morose, dislikes sympathy, wants to be left alone.


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