Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle Pain 

Muscle pain may be an expected symptom after prolonged activity.  Your dog may  take two or three days to recouperate after extended exercise and their muscles to return to normal again.  If there is muscle or ligament damage then it might take considerably longer to heal.

For the homeopath, diagnosis is not as important as the symptoms that you are experiencing and the background information which may help find the cause of the issue. 

Homeopathy can be really helpful in addressing the cause of the problem, or even the cause of the cause.  It is important to understand that homeopathy does not cure chronic fatigue, homeopathy is used to help kick start your own internal self healing mechanism which then can begin the healing journey.  

Some of the following remedies may be used in your treatment plan for some of the symptoms you are experiencing:

Gelsemium: Weakness with drowsiness, dizziness, trembling, tremors and twitching, Muscle aches with heaviness.  Blurred vision, anxiety, worse in cold damp weather.

Kali phosphoricum: Anxiety, depression.  Illness follows after influenza. Fear of crowds/ agoraphobia. Muscle weakness and aches and pains,  worse with exercise, the cold and mental effort. Better from sleep, eating and gentle movement.

Phosphoric acid: General weakness and nervous exhaustion with diarrhoea. Listlessness, depression, sensitive.  Warn out, pale and thin.  Very chilly, poor appetite but very thirsty.

Zinc: Weakness with restlessness and depression, lethargic and irritable.  Hypersensitive to noise.  Muscular twitching, numbness and coldness.

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