Respiratory Problems

Respiratory Problems

There are many different respiratory symptoms your dog may be experiencing.  In order to find the right remedy for your dog it is important to consider their general wellbeing and personality as well as the symptoms they show.

Asthma and allergy often experience inflammation of the airways, with hay fever the nose, ear and throat mucous membranes become inflamed, dogs may be allergic to a number of things from mown grass to flowers to house dust.

When considering the homeopathic remedy for your dog, build up a complete picture with their personality and wellbeing as well as their physical symptoms.

Case study

A 6 year old Labrador had a history of itching every Monday during the summer.   All of the symptoms pointed towards sulphur but on further questioning it transpired that the owner always mowed the lawn on a Sunday and the the dog enjoyed sitting in the freshly mown grass.   The dog was given a drop of liquid remedy added to his bowl of water.  The remedy was prepared from the actual grass mowings and the condition immediately resolved.



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