Skin Complaints

Skin Complaints in Dogs

Homeopathy has a marvellous history of treating skin complaints,  when deciding which remedy to give to your dog, remember to take into consideration not only the physical symptoms showing now but also symptoms of the past and the general constitution of the dog, their character, their preferences.  All of this information should be considered when looking for the right remedy.

If you choose the wrong remedy then you won't notice any changes.  If you choose the right remedy then the dogs self healing mechanism will begin the healing process.  If symptoms return then a higher potency may be needed or a different remedy to continue the healing process.

Here are some of the most common remedies known to help with skin disorders.

Apis Mel: Allergic reactions resulting in swollen blisters, swelling with redness, stinging pains.  Eye lids swollen, soreness, rawness.

Cantharis: Sun burn, sore and raw with burning sensation. Eczema around the genitals with perspiration. susceptible to urinary infections.

Calc carb: A remedy for slower dogs who like home and quiet.  May be on the fat side, takes life as it comes. Unhealthy skin with warts on face and legs, chillblains, boils, dry eczema, flaky skin, dry brittle hair.

Sulphur: Laid back personality, irritable, lazy personality with scruffy coat or unhealthy smell.  All sorts of skin disorders - itching, burning, dry, scaly, pimply, redness around eyes, mouth, ears and/or anus.

Psorinum: Sensitivity to cold.  Brown or smell discharges with extreme itchiness, moist eczema.

Kreosotum:  Intense itching (may be caused by medication)

Silicea: Eczema between the toes, dry cracked skin, red blotches, soft or crippled nails, coppery spots, abscesses and boils

Rhus tox:  Eczema around the genitals. Red and swollen skin with intense itching, herpes or rash

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