With over 80 different autoimmune diseases, there are a great many symptoms which you might experience as your immune system begins to attack the cells it is meant to be protecting from viruses or bacteria.  It is thought that the cause of an autoimmune response will have been triggered in the first place by the action of a virus, bacteria, toxin or a drug which alters the control process of your immune system so that the usual turn off switch is disabled.  Some people may have an inherited predisposition to develop an auto immune response.

Some autoimmune processes instigate a slow destruction of a specific cell or stimulate an organ into excessive growth or to interfere with the function of an organ.  In some cases there may be a mix of these inappropriate changes and some people may suffer from more than one auto immune reaction at the same time.

Organ specific disorders affect one organ.  Examples of these are pernicious anaemia affects the stomach, type 1 diabetes affects the pancreas, Addison’s disease affects the adrenal glands, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis affects the thyroid gland.

In non organ specific disorders the reaction may be widely spread around the body, these include rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and dermatomyositis.

Treatment usually begins with replacing any major deficiencies caused by the disease such as thyroxin in autoimmune thyroid disease or a blood transfusion for blood disorders. Corticosteroid drugs are often then prescribed in order to diminish the activity of the immune system.     These often have side effects which may then create other symptoms.

Natural medicine such as homeopathy will look at addressing the cause of the inappropriate immune response.  Homeopathy works with your mainstream medication and you will not be asked to stop taking them.  Only your Doctor can take you off your prescribed medication.  As the homeopathy begins to affect your own self healing and balancing process, you may need to go back to your Doctor in order to see if your prescriptions can be reduced.

The idea of natural health practices is to encourage your body to self heal. Homeopathy has the added advantage of being able to help relieve some of the uncomfortable side effects of mainstream medication whilst you still require them.