"When I first went to Mary I was very poorly – I had no energy, was miserable with my situation and petrified about what the future would hold. I knew very little about homeopathy but I went along with an open mind.  I am a total convert and where possible when new problems arise I choose to seek Mary’s, ‘side effect free,’ help rather than more conventional medication".   LC August 16

Homeopathy is a natural medicine which encourages your body to heal itself.  The medicine chosen for you will encourage healing from within.  It will be chosen to treat the cause of your symptoms.

For example Homeopathy doesn't just look at relieving the pain, it looks at the maintaining causes of the pain and helps to rebalance the body so that the pain goes away.  The symptoms you feel are a way of your body telling you something is wrong. They could be considered as a message from your body, bringing to your attention that something is amis. It is often the case that the symptems are just the messenger.  Homeopathy looks at finding the course of the problem. If that is successfully treated, often the presenting symptoms diminish.  Homeopathy gives you the opportunity of rebalancing the body for long term health and well being.

A homeopathic remedy is a medicine that is matched to each individual and the symptoms you are presenting with.  It would be quite usual for a homeopath to treat 5 patients with eczema with five different medicines.  This is because a homeopath knows there are many differentiating symptoms that indicate different imbalances within.  Each patient will be treated individually.  The homeopath isn't just looking to relieve the symptoms, they are looking at restoring health of the whole person.

You will not be asked to stop taking your usual prescriptions whilst undergoing homeopathic treatment.  Homeopathy is a complimentary medicine that will work alongside your medications.  Homeopathic medicine can also be useful for helping with recovery from surgery or other invasive treatments you may be undergoing.  Please ask for details.